Hygiene and romance: how to properly prepare the ground?

The preliminaries executed, the couple can get to the heart of the matter. But for a good first experience – and the possibility of repeating it – the partners must prepare beforehand. To overcome hygienic obstacles, it is important to wash beforehand, at least to go to the toilet. Once the area is clean, there is no risk of overflow – and therefore shame. To fight against the idea that anal penetration is a violent act, lovers can make sure to create a romantic atmosphere: for example, install candles and satin sheets, but not only. The man can also take care to surround the act of particularly tender attentions, of kisses supported and of caresses on the erogenous zones of the woman. All these elements also help to relax the partner, to make anal coitus even less painful when the penis passes through the anus. From this perspective, it seems essential anyway to use a lubricant. For those going for first time anal this is important.

Orgasm and pleasure: the benefit of sodomy

The benefit of sodomy sometimes goes so far as to boost the libido at half-mast of a couple. Because anal coitus represents a fantasy of the man or the woman, because the partners are locked in a boring sexual routine or when the couple feels the need to look elsewhere to explore new avenues of pleasure, penetration anal comes to the aid of lovers for a beneficial renewal and sometimes an invaluable source of orgasm.

Another benefit of sodomy is that it is the preferred access route in certain situations where vaginal intercourse is called into question. When a woman has her period or during pregnancy, for example, some partners are reluctant to use the traditional sexual route: anal intercourse is therefore a good alternative to maintain regular intimate relations.

Not to mention the first benefit of sodomy:

The sexual pleasure is to be derived from it. If the man easily reaches orgasm by practicing anal penetration, the woman can also derive pleasure from the foreplay which surrounds the anal coitus but also to see her lover feel an orgasm sometimes even stronger.

Bacterial infections and risk of pain: zoom on the danger of sodomy

If the danger of unprotected sodomy does not lie in an unwanted pregnancy, it does exist: the rectum carries bacteria that can be sources of infections. On the other hand, STDs are transmitted through anal intercourse. Under these conditions, it is useful to wear a condom during anal penetration.

Stanley D. Murphy

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